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Welcome to Right Noise.

This blog was created merely as a personal outlet to discuss music in general. You can expect reviews of albums, EPs, songs, and concerts, as well as miscellaneous music-related talk.

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Rating Scale:

95-100% - Certified Creme de la Creme. Creme-y goodness. My version of a classic.

90-94% - Solid gold. Almost creme. Double dank.

85-89% - Proto-dank. Beyond worthy. Extra solid.

80-84% - Dank lite. Semi-chunk. Totally solid.

75-79% - Extra raisins. Uber-viscous.

70-74% - Semi-permeable. Double chunk. There is still love in you.

65-69% - Off-white. Eggshell white.

60 - 64% - Straight slaw. No chaser.

55-59% - What's that smell?

0-50% - Where's my bedpan?

The Fall - "Repetition":

(The three R's...)