Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HOMESHAKE: The Triumphant Return of Peter Sagar

Portrait of Peter Sagar
Those of you who read my Outdoor Miners review know that I'm a pretty big fan of member Peter Sagar's solo project Sans AIDS. Unfortunately, that project's music is still really hard to find, but I have good news.

Since my 5-6 month hiatus from this blog (sorry), I discovered that Peter Sagar is a member in Mac Demarco's band, which has been gaining a lot of momentum since the release of Demarco's critically acclaimed 2012 album 2.

I had briefly talked about how Sans AIDS had changed their name to "Home Shake" in my footnote on the Outdoor Miners review. Well, folks, there's a new Homeshake tape, and you can listen to it right now.

It seems that collaborating with Mac Demarco has had an affect on Sagar's songwriting. Homeshake is notably lighter. There's obscure vocal samples, poppier song structures, and cleaner sounding production. It's still sloppy, but the slop is easier to digest. 

Some may recognize the first track "Haters" as a rerecorded version of Sans AIDS "Haters Hating".

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