Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Track Review: Krallice - IIIIIIII

"IIIIIIII", the first "single" from Krallice's forthcoming album Years Past Matter, is truly something to behold.  It basically picks up right where Diotima left off, and that's awesome, considering that was one of my favorite albums of last year.

The track starts out blasting and doesn't let up for its entire 10+ minute run time. Krallice has an uncanny ability to write long, epic compositions that don't ever feel overly so. Even though "IIIIIIII" is 10:18, I would suggest that it could have been longer. There's no "jamming" going on here. Krallice doesn't have time to play games.

The sound on here should come as no real surprise to anybody accustomed to Krallice. There's plenty of dense, tremolo-style guitar and pounding, intricate drumming. Both Vocalists take turns yelling in their own specific ways. You've got the low, gravelly bellows from Nick McMaster and the higher, manic screams from Mick Barr. The vocals are characteristically distant sounding.

Needless to say, this comes highly recommended from me. While it's true that Krallice doesn't really switch up the format they've established, I enjoy this format immensely. I suggest anybody who reads this to give this thing a good listen.

Verdict: /10

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