Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Supa Sortahuman X Shawn Kemp - Supasonic (Review)

At the beginning of the year, Lil Ugly Mane released Mista Thug Isolation, which remains as my favorite mixtape of 2012. I've yet to hear a better modern interpretation of DJ Screw-inspired Memphis Rap.  Since then, Ugly Mane's cleared his Bandcamp page and focused in on production work for other Raider Klan affiliates like Yung Simmie and EthelWulf. Lil Ugly Mane is blessed behind the boards, but I needed another official release from the mane himself.

So, you can probably imagine how excited I was when I saw this EP appear on his Bandcamp page about a week ago. You also can probably understand how I felt when I read the quote underneath it that said, "THIS IS NOT A 'LIL UGLY MANE' RELEASE".

However, there was still a lot to be excited about with this release for me. Last time Supa Sortahuman and Shawn Kemp (A.K.A. Lil Ugly Mane) joined forces, the result was "Radiation (Lung Pollution)", one of the best tracks from Mista Thug Isolation. The chemistry between  Supa and Ugly Mane is noticeable on there. It's even a little difficult to tell them apart sometimes. (Their voices are also pitched down like two octaves, which may contribute to that difficulty.)

This EP kicks off with "UFO'in", easily the closest thing to a "radio-friendly" song on here. I could see a lot of Mista Thug Isolation fans being turned away by this track. It's got a high BPM, and there's no pitch altering on Supa's voice. I'll admit that I was a little thrown off by it initially. The first time I heard the "I'm from another planet, ho" line, I cringed a little bit, not gonna lie. The song has really grown on me, though. As always, Shawn Kemp's production is top notch, and Supa does a great job of carrying it. It'd be interesting to hear this song in a club to see how people respond to it.

Things start to slow back down from there. "Go Away" is a solid return to familiar territory. It's a good transitional song between "UFO'in" and the first Lil Ugly Mane feature, "Blazin Up", where Lil Ugly Mane actually raps in a high-pitched voice. It's a funny idea, considering that Lil Ugly Mane basically spent an entire albums worth of material rapping with his voice pitched low, but it actually plays off really successfully here. Lil Ugly Mane has the tendency to challenge expectations and push boundaries. This is a good example of that.

The remainder of the EP continues to impress. "Ridin Through the Hood" is dark and atmospheric track with a heavy, heavy bass line. "Me & You" introduces the gem of a line, "Well, if life is a bitch, and Earth is nature's mother, then what is man other than a mother fucker?". Lil Ugly Mane comes in a capella and drops some of the best lines on the whole release.

"Fuck That Shit" is chock full of introspective thoughts regarding life, the world, and other general, weed-powered inquiries. Shawn Kemp's production sounds like the soundtrack to a horrible tragedy. It's a pretty bleak way to end the EP.

I wouldn't recommend this to anybody who holds lyrics above all else. Supa has some solid lines, but he talks about weed A LOT. With that said, if the idea of forward thinking, southern hip hop sounds at all appealing to you, I would say this is definitely worth checking out.

Verdict: 75%

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